Chances are, you know a guy like this; he’s the first to know when new movies are coming out and is the first to see them when they do. After which he’ll usually write a review and share it on his timeline. He might even have a blog or a Facebook page where he writes his reviews. This is a guy you can count on to keep you updated on the latest pop culture developments, and drop the latest entertainment news as it breaks. Sound familiar? We like to refer to these consumers as Explorers, a consumer driven by not only a desire to know, but to be the first to know.  

And this is an inclination that typically extends beyond just film and television. Explorers are habitual early adopters, and they will often be the first to know of (and use) new tech, software, websites and social media platforms. Moreover, they are well respected by their peers, who value their insights and recommendations. That should make them very valuable to brands, particularly those looking to introduce new products into the market.

As nano-influencers become more popular than ever, more brands should seek to partner with these consumers. Here are some ways that they can go about it.

Share bespoke promo-links with them:

Giving your chosen influencers a unique link to access your products and services at discounted prices is a great way to generate conversions and accurately track and measure your attribution and ROI.

Invite them to special events:

Offering Explorers access to exclusive product launches, premieres and exhibitions, where they can be among the first to access new produces and info, not only builds affinity with the consumer but also allows them to act as advocates for your brand.

Share their user-generated reviews:

As previously stated, Explorers love writing their own reviews of products, services and content they enjoyed (or didn’t). UGC is an incredibly powerful tool for millennial and Gen Z audiences, who regard peer reviews as being considerably more influential on their purchasing decisions. Brands can easily tap into that by sharing user-generated reviews on their social media pages, a gesture that not only allows for more authentic advocacy, but is also completely free!

But what about brands looking to market to them? The truth is, marketing to Explorers can be challenging, as they are a naturally ad-averse audience. They are highly likely to use ad-blockers and VPN’s, which can make them difficult to reach. Explorers also frequent walled-gardens with minimal brand presence, such as gaming platforms, OTT entertainment services and forum-based social networks like Reddit and Discord. So a traditional marketing approach might not get you very far with this consumer.

Instead, marketing to Explorers means understanding them as much as understanding the platforms where they like to spend their time, and finding innovative ways to get their attention on these platforms. It does require digging a bit deeper but there are big rewards for the brands who get it right.

To learn more about Explorers and our other consumer personas, get in touch with us to schedule a free chat.