About Us

Who Are We?

Kabomo Communications is a proudly South African marketing, trends and insights hub founded by two Soweto natives.

We are a new company with new ideas that challenge the status quo. We subscribe to an ethos that promotes innovation and creative solutions.

In a time when change is the only constant, we pride ourselves in seeing things differently and keeping a fresh perspective. We understand that to stay afloat in an ever-changing media landscape, constant innovation is the key to success.

About Kabomo Comms

Our Approach

At Kabomo, we use unique research and trendspotting methodology to futureproof your brand. What sets us apart at Kabomo is our on-the-ground approach. Our research is rooted in first-person conversations and peer assessment.

We delve head first into niches, fandoms and subcultures to draw fresh insights in real time, and design strategies that are aligned with what the audience wants, working closely with our clients to ensure that their brands are well-represented.

About Kabomo Comms Vision

Our vision

We work towards being the go-to experts in mining rich, interpersonal data that humanizes the consumer. We aim to establish a reputation of innovative thinking and build lasting relationships with brands.

About Kabomo Comms Mission

Our mission

Providing our clients with the unique granular insights, robust data and up-to-date trends that they will need to maintain their competitive advantage.

Our Team

Katleho Bontle Motingoe | Kabomo Comms

Katleho Bontle Motingoe

Executive Director

Passionate about making brands look cool, Bontle comes from a diverse background and has vast experience across different sectors, including Digital Marketing, OOH, Branding Building, Events, and Sales.

Bontle subscribes to an ethos that promotes innovation and creative thinking. With the skills she possesses, she seeks to nurture, develop and support clients aspirations through integrated creative solutions.

Tapelo Zama | Kabomo Comms

Tapelo Zama

Head of Insights

Self-proclaimed “data nerd”, Tapelo began his career as a research analyst and immediately fell in love with data, research and analytics. Throughout the course of his career, he has worked as an analyst, strategist and marketing manager for some of the biggest agencies in the country.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, Tapelo is known for always keeping an ear to the ground with regards to the latest emerging trends. He strives to keep his clients updated on the newest opportunities and helping them achieve their goals through data-driven innovation.