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Deep Dive | Kabomo Comms

Trend Canvas

Want to know more about a specific trend (and how it affects your brand)? Our proprietary trends canvas framework helps us map out specific trends and take you through a comprehensive journey of how they began, why they’re popular and what opportunities they may present for your brand, while also including best practice, audience insights and case studies to help meet your KPI’s and maximize ROI.

Trend Consulting | Kabomo Comms

Trend Consulting

What impact do global media trends have in the local South African market? What impact does digital innovation have on lower-end township consumers with limited access to data and technology? Whatever your questions with regards to trends, we are happy to engage.
We use the latest in cutting edge social intelligence tools, reports and data to provide robust and insightful consultations that add value for your brand. Give us a try.

Dynamic Reports | Kabomo Comms

Trends Aggregator

With a media landscape is more fragmented than ever, it’s easy for a brand to get left behind or overwhelmed by the constant influx. With so many new developments each day, how does your brand keep track of developments and ever-changing digital trends? Our bespoke trends aggregator wheel consolidates emerging trends into a simple and customizable interface to keep you continually updated and informed.

Customer Experience Audit | Kabomo Comms

CX Audit

In a time where Consumer Experience is more critical than ever, how can we use trends to optimize your user journey touchpoints and mitigate churn? With our CX Audit, we conduct an in-depth audit of your brand’s entire digital ecosystem, including social, SEO, video and apps, to identify pain-points in your consumer journey and make recommendations based on the latest emerging trends within each platform.

Journey Mapping | Kabomo Comms

Journey Mapping

With more digital touchpoints now than ever, getting a customer from decision to purchase isn’t easy. Once a novel practice, effective journey mapping has become one of the most important tools for brands in a post-2020 marketing landscape. Our data-driven, end-to-end mapping framework helps brands optimize their media buying, strategy and content development to ensure a seamless transition through the purchase funnel for their consumers.